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Engineering & Design Services

The latest additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies remove a lot of traditional design limitations, however, detailed engineering and design still play a pivotal role in transforming innovative ideas into tangible, functional prototypes and products. At i-SOLIDS, we offer a wide array of expertise, including mechanical, electrical, and materials engineering, to ensure that each and every project, regardless of size, is examined and optimized for best possible results at the most competitive rate.


We believe our biggest strength as an engineering service provider is the extremely diverse range of projects that we have had the opportunity to work on. This allows us to learn new ways of doing things and we can leverage that experience to share concepts and ideas across various industries and applications.

Our core engineering and design services include:

3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering

If you have an existing part that is obsolete or needs minor design tweaks we can 3D scan it and then repair or modify the part digitally. Although we have several 3D scanning options available, we most often recommend our professional grade structured light scanning technology for many applications. This technique is a great way to quickly and accurately generate natural or complex geometries that would otherwise be very difficult to replicate.

New Product Design & 3D Modeling

Although we can help within any phase of the product development of manufacturing process, we often prefer and and can provide the most value to a project by being involved from the beginning. This allows us to incorporate advanced manufacturing techniques into the design early on in the development cycle - ultimately reducing cost and saving time.


Developing a new product from the ground up can be an exciting but it can also have unexpected challenges along the way. Understanding the technical depth and scope of work of each project is critical. We do our best to leverage prior experiences to predict these challenges upfront and we strive to only move forward with projects that we believe we can provide direct value to - typically consumer products that are mechanically unique and/or intended to be produced via additive manufacturing. For this reason, we always try to gather as much information about goals and objectives prior to taking on a new project. From there we can help define design criteria, develop concepts, generate 3D models, create prototypes, and even assist with marketing and/or intellectual property documentation.

Simulation & Mechanical Testing

With advanced 3D Printing resources at our disposal, it can often be faster, cheaper, and easier to just create a prototype see if a design works as intended. However, in some circumstances performing a more in depth mechanical study or executing a computer simulation may be required in order to validate a design for safety, cost, or compliance reasons. In most cases we can assist with these requirements. With some advanced applications we may recommend using a 3rd party from our extensive network industry experts.

​Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) Optimization
Optimizing a product or part for 3D printing technologies is our specialty. If you have ever thought about using 3D or additive manufacturing but were discouraged by the cost, production speed, quality, or strength then we would love to take a look. It is very likely that minor design tweaks can help us optimize all of these factors.

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