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Industry Leading Quality Control

3D printing thousands of unique parts presents significant challenges compared to manufacturing the same part repeatedly. Each unique part requires its own design file and specific parameters for printing, which involves extensive customization and meticulous attention to detail. The process demands a high level of expertise to ensure each part meets the necessary specifications and quality standards. Additionally, managing the logistics of producing and handling diverse components can be complex and time-consuming.


In contrast, traditional manufacturing of identical parts allows for streamlined processes, economies of scale, and consistent quality control, making it more efficient and cost-effective for mass production. However, 3D printing's flexibility and ability to produce bespoke items provide unmatched benefits in customization and rapid prototyping, despite the inherent challenges. At i-SOLIDS, we face these challenges using a combination of advanced technologies and over a decade of lessons learned and resulting process improvements.

One of our most valuable tools to manage large production volumes and simultaneously ensure the highest level of quality is our AM-Flow flow system consisting of Vision, Sort, and Logic modules. This solution utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to automatically identify parts, extract all relevant production information, sort the parts into the next production step, and log extensive quality control data. This automation provides allows us to increase throughput without increasing overhead, which in turn enables us provide the most competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. 

To learn more, check out this quick demo of the AM-Flow system:

Utilizing this system and leveraging years of experience, we are proud to have received the "Highest Quality" award by an industry leading 3rd party - boasting an average 0.7% non-conformance rate.

All parts produced by i-SOLIDS are inspected to ensure they meet common industry standard based on the technology used as outlined in our terms of service which is available here.

If you have any question or specific quality requirements for your projects, please reach out to us at

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