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MJF Material Samples Guide


Thanks for your interested int he MJF materials sample

Materials Acronoy

• PA12       - most common and cost effective material with great balance of mechanical properties
• PA11       - environmentally friendly, ductile, and impact resistant 
• PA12GB  - glass bead reinforced for greater rigidity
• PA12W    - bright white material with superior UV resistance
• PA12FC   - high strength nylon with integrated full color capability 
• TPU          - skin safe contact flexible material with an approximate 95A hardness
• TPA          - cost effective flexible material with an approximate 92A hardness

Post Processing Options:
• Polyshot - proprietary media blasting process from DyeMansion that smooths powder materials
• Vapor Smoothing - a chemical treatment that provides a glossy, smooth, and watertight surface

Please feel out the form below so we know which materials to send and where they should be shipped:

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